IT Consulting & Technology Solutions

Your business depends on IT: when something breaks, business operations are at risk. Whether you need large-scale distributed systems or simple user-friendly, single-page web apps, I can help.

1-on-1 Managed IT Services

Deliver reliable IT support for your entire network. Eliminate the need for an internal IT department because you can depend on 24/7 network monitoring, fixed fee pricing, and a proactive approach to managing your infrastructure. I specialize in providing IT services, outsourcing, and modular services to businesses.

Learn how I have helped other companies in your industry

I approach consulting differently than the competition; I provide highly specialized engineering resources to small and medium-sized businesses. Because companies of this size do not typically have a need or a budget for a full-time specialist, like a dedicated network engineer or on-site expert, I offer a solution that wholly satisfies this need.

Technology Solutions for Your Industry

Combining a breadth of experience, deep technical capabilities, and diverse service offerings, get technological solutions for your industry that are focused on improving business performance. Work across a range of technologies to solve demanding industry and business challenges. Learn how to optimize and streamline your business:

Brick and Mortar

I help retailers operate seamlessly across online and physical locations. From improving customer intelligence, meeting shopper expectations, and enhancing the supply chain, redefine your store to benefit from technology.

Media & Entertainment

Adapt to the realities and challenges that you face in the ever-evolving digital age. Whether it’s online entertainment, anti-piracy rights, or consumer insight, I provide IT solutions that help you capitalize on new opportunities.


Optimizing manufacturing development, sourcing and distribution processes today, will upscale your performance. I can integrate the right technology to avoid unnecessary costs, deployment delays and tedious collaboration.

Marketing & Financial Services

I help companies enhance business processes for profitable growth. Serving marketing and financial services, I work to improve the customer experience, manage risk and regulatory compliance, as well as increase leads.


The future of education is centered on integrating future careers with a foundation of knowledge. I offer the latest technology solutions that help you continually adapt to the learning experience.


I can direct your non-profit's effort and resources towards achieving its mission. Whether it is targeting donors more effectively or keeping expenses down, I can provide you with the right techology to do so.

Learn how technology can work together to make your business successful:

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IT Consulting & Technology Solutions

$ 35

Per hour
  • Year Round Support ‡
  • Fixed Fee Pricing
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Onsite, Emergency Support
  • Proactive System Monitoring
  • Workstation Security
  • Backup Maintenance
  • Committed Response Times