Web Development & Graphic Design

I employ a holistic strategy that includes a website, brand, functionality, social media channels and digital advertising. I provide fresh eyes and industry expertise that will increase the ROI for your business.

Who needs a professional Website?

Today, over 55% of businesses in Southern California have some kind of website. With more and more customers going online to purchase goods and services – it is important to brand itself to online customers. Thus, at this time and age – any business has to compete with the best designed and user-friendly website that represents your company online.

Up to Date, Responsive &
Engaging Designs

Today, with more and more people going for devices with different resolutions: phones, tablets, ultrabooks and PC’s. It is very important to make sure that the user experience is as strong as it can be on all of those devices.  Ensure you are engaging with customers who can acesss and find you on the first pages of Google, Yelp, and others.

How Can I Help Your Business?

Upgrade your Existing Design

Technology and trends change very quickly. Upgrade your website, emails, logo, and branding!

E-Commerce Solutions

A web store works lightning quick to service tens of thousands of buyers. Manage your inventory, services, shipping, customer incentives, and/or point of sales.

Customer Relationship

Manage customer service and appointments. Monitor potential leads, issues, and orders. Interact with visitors via live chat, tickets, and calls/emails.

Marketing Campaigns

A digital marketing automation platform lets you cultivate deeper relationships with consumers through personalized, multichannel marketing strategies that drive revenue, engagement and growth.

Employee Managment

Workforce management in a centralized, easy-to-use platform covering: covering HR, payroll, timekeeping, benefits, recruiting, and workforce analytics to cut administrative costs.

Teaching & Training

If you have any skill that needs to be taught easily, online websites can manage. Such online courses go far beyond a high-school curriculum utilizing today's technology.

Have questions about how a website can contribute to your company?

‡ This is for businesses that need to create or update their current website design, company logo, and/or customize e-mail look. Contact for more information!

Web Development & Graphic Design

$ 990

Per project ‡
  • Responsive Design & Development
  • Prototyping & Branding
  • E-mails Design
  • Full-time Dedication
  • 3 Post-Published Revisions
  •  No Hidden Fees, Consulting
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